Saturday, February 18, 2012

Building a Beach...

Even though we only live a short stones-throw from the water, Island Dog gets frustrated when it takes 10 minutes to drive around and down to the beach.

For Island Dog, the water is just an afterthought.  Sure, the views are nice...

But what he loves best is digging, playing and laying in the sand.  And since he doesn't have a driver's license (YET!), Island Dog felt like he was stuck.

The beach was so close, yet so far!

But then Pattie had a great idea!  If Island Dog couldn't get to the beach as often as he liked, why not bring the beach to him?

HEY FINNEGAN!  Get your adorable black and white butt out here and help us build you a beach!

After surveying the project, Our Island Dog gets down to work...

Conveniently located just outside the entrance to the pool deck is the perfect location for Finnegan's new beach...

With awesome crushed shell mulch and a rustic, winding stone walkway already nearby - and lots of privacy behind the hedges in case Finnegan wants to lay-out without his Speedo on - the setting is perfect!

All set!  Now if dad could just lay some sod, I can start digging and get settled-in...

All of this is a wonderful reminder about how:

Life is always great on the island!

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