Thursday, November 3, 2011

Time Flies-By Here On The Island!

Is fall really here already?  We barely notice here on Florida's Nature Coast.

But as subtle as the changes might be, they are much anticipated by a family from up north who is still adjusting to tropical climes.

Even now, high temperatures reach the 80's most days.  But the days are shorter and the nights are cooler.  Most importantly, the humidity is gone!  Down here in Florida, this is truly the most wonderful time of the year,,,

Cooler mornings allow Island Dog to get out and explore the exotic, heavily forested interior more.
I shared this picture with the readers of my daily,  Just look at that smile!  No doubt Island Dog is loving getting out-and-about and hitting the trails!

Even this late in the year, check-out these spectacular beach daisies we spotted in a sunny opening...
As the day begins to warm, time to move deep into the interior, protected from the sun by a lush canopy of palms and wild magnolias...
I grabbed this shot of Island Dog--hot on the trail of some inland creature--as he crossed a small creek which runs into the Gulf. Little did we know adventure was soon to cross our path...

More about our inland island safari in a few days.  But while you're waiting,  never forget that

Life is always great on the Island!

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