Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring on Pine Island Beach


Our Island Dog's home, Weeki Wachee,  is located in the center of  Florida's Nature Coast. 

Unlike the Clearwater Beach area to the south near Tampa--where the busy, easy accessible beaches stretch as far as the eye can see along a busy, gulf side road--beaches here are few and far between.

Our beaches are all located on islands, separated by miles of saw grass and tidal pools, teaming with seabirds and wildlife.

Young tourists don't like it as much, which is fine with us!  Island Dog will trade the tourists for his wild friends, any day!

Spring is beach time in Florida.  Time to sneak away and spend an hour or two chillin' at the water's edge...

Hard to believe... Perfect weather with warm, powder-fine sand--and the place is deserted!  Rough life! 

The beach and weather were perfect.  But spring isn't only beach time.  Check-out this picture of a Sand hill Crane family--mother, dad and chick--that we practically ran into on the way home...

How cool is that!  Like Island Dog always says:

Life is always great on the island!

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